Sensory play…

“I think my problem is maybe that I set my sights too high…”

“No way, you’re just a teacher mommy. You have to do it like a teacher.”

This conversation actually happened to me this week. I recently found out about a sensory class for babies in my area. My friend and I talked about going to the class, until we found out how much it would cost.  I told her I am a teacher… surely I can come up with some activities for us to do with our kids. I went around to various Dollar stores and came up with a sensory play ‘curriculum’. I looked around online and found a ridiculous amount of activities.  I had to differentiate instruction and create something that was way over the top!

This was just the beginning, but here are some of my creations:

I divided my finds into bins. Of course, with all of these, you have to watch to make sure they don’t try to eat this stuff.

  1. Spaghetti Bin – Cooked spaghetti to play with. We did this with LO in her high chair this time but I think next time, we need to branch out. I also found some ideas for coloring the spaghetti, which could be fun too!
  2. Water Bin – Items that can be submersed in water and are water tight. I also included a strainer.
  3. Music Bin – Anything that can make a cool noise. I included a crib toy (for the younger baby), an empty pack of wipes (which makes a really cool crinkly noise), a set of Little Tikes bowling pins that can be turned over to make maracas, a harmonica for mommy to play and try new sounds, and a bottle of water for squeezing too.
  4. Touch Bin – Anything that you can use to describe feeling (this is rough, this is bumpy, this is smooth, etc.) It’s amazing how many kindergarteners do not know these describing words. For this bin, I used a bottle of bubbles (you have to blow them to have something for them to touch obviously), a loofa shaped like a pig, a wool mitten (which LO did NOT like touching), a silk scarf with braided ends, a touch and feel book (of course), and one of DH’s ties. The water bottle and wipes pack could work for touching too.
    When LO is bigger, I would love to do this in bins she could step in. One of the teachers at my school gave me some great ideas for that too.
  5. Nature Bin – A pine cone, some leaves, flowers, seeds, etc. You can use this opportunity to go on a nature walk with your kids.

We started with the touch bin and the spaghetti bin this week. So fun!

You can always use things from around your house for these activities, just make sure they are kid friendly.


One response to “Sensory play…

  1. I love this! What a great idea. I’m definitely going to create these and implement this. Thank you for sharing.

    I created a word wall for my son He’s really liking it. We’re on the letter “M” now. But he still loves his “B” for Bird piece 🙂

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