I met up with a very good friend today – my first official “mommy friend”, my first friend who became a mommy after I met her. Her LO is a great kid, with a big vocabulary. As a two year old, he actually used the word redundant in a sentence. Yeah, you read that right… redundant. And it was used correctly.

Now he is four years old and knows how to read. But how does a right handed mommy teach a kid to write when they are left handed? I have noticed that my LO uses her left hand more often right now. It’s too early to tell, but you never know. Handedness is usually very apparent around 5 years old, but some kids can show their preference earlier.

So for my fabulous mommy friend and for anyone else who might need this information, here are some tricks for teaching your kids to write:

Remember, you can’t just put a pencil in their hand. They need to be taught to write.

The most important things in learning to write left handed are: positioning the paper correctly, correct positioning of your hand and wrist, and the grip on the pen or pencil.

Repetition, repetition, repetition! The more they practice, the more automatic it will get. Just don’t force it!


Here are some links to help with this:


http://www.zaner-bloser.com/news/left-handed-child-right-handed-world <-This link has some information on how to figure out which is the most dominant hand.


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