First birthday madness…

Planning a baby’s first birthday party can be exciting, fun, and whoa… can get out of hand very quickly. In some ways, it’s like planning a wedding. For most people, like DH and me, it’s the first time you are having a big family gathering that you are completely in charge of. You get to pick the food, the music, the cake… and usually someone ends up with cake all over themselves. Sometimes several people…

Let’s start at the beginning…

A few weeks ago, DH and I were talking about the party. We have to invite my side of the family, his side of the family, and all of our friends. We started making a list… 40 or so for family, 20 or so friends, 20 people including all of those from daycare and their parents… Wait a second. Does LO actually know this many people? Suddenly, the vision of a quiet little party in our backyard came to a screeching halt. No way could we fit that many people in our house… So we reserved a pavilion at the park.

Now that we had the park reserved, we could invite more people… DH and I had been to a baby party before. People just talked and followed their children around making sure they didn’t eat anything they shouldn’t. DH was adamant about us having activities for both adults and kids. I knew we were going to have a range of kids there, from 5 years old to 6 months old.

Finding appropriate activities for everyone wasn’t too difficult. The babies played for a little while and then got bored… the older kids had longer attention spans and entertained themselves for a while too. We kept the activities around one hour apart to give everyone a chance to eat and talk in between.
Oh and there was a fruit basket frog. DH decided to really go all out. He carved out a watermelon and made a fruit basket frog.

Here’s a breakdown of what we did:

2:00 – Party starting (DH was amazing and prepped the food before the party so we would be ready to grill as soon as we got there.)

2:30 – Bubble Machine goes on. This one wasn’t as interesting to the babies as I had thought, though some of them liked it for a few minutes. This

was a BIG hit with the older kids. I also got them each a jumbo bubble wand to play with during the day. That worked great while the wind was blowing strong. We decided to get this one instead of a stand up one because the bubbles would blow outward and the kids could chase them. The other one would have been a reason for the kids to stand over the bubble machine and all of the bubbles would have gone straight up in the air.

3:30 – Edible Finger painting. BEST. IDEA. EVER. I used this one I found on Pinterest. The author wrote some tips and information. All her information was right on. My sister in law drew duck pictures (since the theme of the party was rubber ducks) and every kid got to finger paint. For the bigger kids, I bought paintbrushes. Some of the adults even joined in.

I made enough finger paint to fill ten 1/2 cup jars. The amount that the recipe makes is enough to make that and more. I still had about a cup and a half left after that.
4:00 – My FIL organized a touch football game. Most of the adults played. At this point, we brought out the sensory balls I bought for the kids. They chased them around the field (away from the football game, of course)
4:30 – Cake time!
After… so can you tell it was a cake?
We also had a story time planned but it didn’t happen. Most of the people left after the cake so rather than try to force the storytelling activity, we called it a day. But what a day!
LO came home and passed out from 5:15 – 7:30… She was exhausted!

One response to “First birthday madness…

  1. So fun! First birthdays are so special. And every one after that. You have some really cute ideas here. I think we just did presents and cake for our first one but we could have done so much more.

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