House repair ends in re-repair

DH and I have been doing some renovations on our house lately. We’ve redone the bathrooms and the bedrooms and recently the laundry area. All was said and done. After putting away all of the items from our former laundry area, I went into our room. LO was hanging out in her crib and DH was working in the attic. All of a sudden, I hear his voice from the ceiling. While I’m in the master bedroom. That can’t be right.
“Can you come into the guest bathroom?”
“Sure. Why?”
“Because I think I just stepped through the ceiling.”
Well, you can guess how fast I made it there.
DH had been cleaning the house and working in the attic all day. He was exhausted and his foot slipped off the beam. He is always super careful with this type of stuff. So this really annoyed him.
The damage wasn’t as bad as I thought. It’s about a foot long break in the ceiling, mens size 10 to be exact.

The important thing is DH is okay. The ceiling can always be fixed. And it’s important to be able to account for little slip ups. Even literal ones. Accidents do happen, especially when there are renovations going on.


One response to “House repair ends in re-repair

  1. acitygirlscountrydream

    This is the kind of thing that would happen to me. It does not look like too bad of a repair. Fingers crossed for you

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