Strawberry picking… Yum!

LO and I went out to the strawberry patch today. So much fun!
We went with a mommy friend of mine and her one year old too. It’s a hydroponic strawberry farm so no soil. Much less mess that way too. When we got there, one of the employees told us that the season was pretty much over so they weren’t charging for strawberries and whatever we could find, we could have. So now we were bound and determined.
We wound up picking about 20 good looking strawberries. LO snuck a few out of the bucket while we were walking around so it was good they weren’t charging us. When we got back to the main picnic area, i took the leaves off of the strawberries and left the stems long. LO loved them. Even though we only got twenty or do strawberries, it was perfect. LO ate about seven and then had enough. When we finished, we washed their hands in the fountain.
The place also gave us free strawberry shortcake. Yum!
I think we had enough of strawberries for the day though. I can’t wait until next season to bring her back. Hopefully when it’s a little cooler and more bearable out though.




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