sometimes it’s not that easy…

I never thought being a parent was going to be easy. Far from it, actually. I thought it’d be natural, I guess. And It does seem very natural to me now. I remember the first few weeks after having LO. Everything seemed like so much work. Even doing a load of laundry seemed to be impossible. I said to DH over and over again, “how am I going to go back to work too?” I felt like my life had become a scheduled repetition of “change, feed, sleep, repeat” with an hour for me to nap thrown in at some point during the days fifty rotations.

It’s hard to believe that last year at this time I felt that way. It comes more naturally now and with LO being older, I am super excited for this summer to get here. I made us a to do list to complete by the end of the summer together. I’ll be posting it here when it is finished and there are sure to be blog posts about teachable moments from our adventures.

But for those of you who have young babies, trust me… It does get easier. And then harder. And then easier again. But you learn as you go and it does become more natural. And there is nothing like the love between a mother and her child.


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