Hands on science

We found a lizard in the house today. LO was completely involved in her lunch and didn’t even notice him. She is completely fascinated by them usually, but she has never gotten up close and personal with one.

I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to give her a new experience. So I carefully picked him up and put him into a small tupperware. She and I went outside to let him go.

I sat her down on the floor in the patio and put the tupperware out in front of her.

And then put the lizard out in front of her.

She was super excited to get to touch the lizard. But alas, we couldn’t keep him and I quickly helped her she let him go. She watched him scurry away. I think we have a new interest now. It’ll be great to take her to different places this summer to give her experience with different animals.


This teachable moment literally jumped out of nowhere, but I think she really enjoyed it. And now we can begin learning about nature.

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