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What will she remember?

I stumbled across this blog post today…

DH and I often talk about this topic. How much does LO really remember? How much will she remember when she is older? Will she remember making banana cream pudding with me yesterday, the lemon jello we made and ate at a picnic in our backyard, the sugar cookies that got all stuck together when we put them on a plate to cool? Will she remember going to the park with daddy and me for the pony and train rides? How about the trip to the zoo and the aquarium? What about the time she and I went to the butterfly sanctuary or the day we picked strawberries and ate them from the fields?

The answer… maybe. But she will definitely remember the family time, the laughing, and the loving arms of mommy and daddy… She will know she means the world to us… and that’s enough for me.

A new title…

As a teacher, we wear many hats – educator, nurse, mediator, judge, counselor, and so on. We are considered a teacher the moment we step into the classroom the first day of our new job.

When do we become a parent? When is the moment when I could call myself a mother? I held LO in my arms that first time and I felt an overwhelming feeling of love and an urge to protect her. Mothers wear every hat imaginable. I’m someone’s mother! It doesn’t define me and I’m still my own person but somehow I feel like being a mother has always been my purpose.
Check back soon for an update on my own teachable moment. 🙂

A riddle analogy for taking your children… anywhere.

I remember when I first had LO. I had gotten pretty good at taking her on quick trips to the grocery store, in and out of the pharmacy and pediatrician office, and through the drive through at Starbucks.

The dog was up for her yearly shots when LO was about 3 months old. I decided I had been able to take her all over lately, so surely I could handle that…

Have you ever seen the riddle about a farmer, chicken, fox, and a bag of feed? A farmer needs to get all three things across a lake: a chicken, fox, and a bag of feed. The boat only has enough room for the farmer and one item and you can’t leave anything on the other side that might eat the other (i.e. the chicken with the feed or the chicken with the fox).

That’s what it feels like when you have to take the baby with the dog. I’m sure it’s worse with more than one child too.

First, baby goes in stroller. Then dog goes on leash. Then dog gets in car with leash. Then baby is put in the car seat. Then the stroller gets put in the back. If you have any other items, good luck to you.

I found myself thinking of that first trip today… since then, I have gotten much better at these types of outings. We even took the dog to the dog park today.

How do they learn this stuff!?

Last post was all about the things our children learn from us… They learn our mannerisms, and we think it is oh-so-cute when they copy us…

This past week was my MIL and FIL’s anniversary. I decided to make a little video for them and whatever LO said on the video was going to be texted directly to them (don’t you just love modern technology?)

I started the camera (read, iPhone) rolling and said “LO?” and she didn’t even look up from what she was doing… she just said something that sounded an awful lot like “what?”… “Can you say Happy Anniversary?” and she said “ha-ha-ha-ha-ha” and then tried sticking her food up her nose. So, as promised, I sent the video off to MIL and FIL and just for fun to DH too. Five seconds later I get a text back from DH: “She got that from you!” So apparently, our kids really do pick up on the things we do, especially those ones we didn’t really want them to learn. (Just to clarify, I do not stick food up my nose! I assume he was talking about the “what?” when someone says my name. That I definitely do.)

Tonight, however, LO and I went out for mommy and me dinner. DH was out with the boys. We were sitting at dinner, minding our own business. LO was quietly, although messily, eating her dinner and this older couple comes up next to us and sits at their table. LO turns around and sticks her tongue out at them! I don’t mean just a quiet little tongue sticking out of her mouth. I’m talking mouth-wide-open, food-hanging-out, sticking out her tongue. So of course, now I’m trying to explain to the people that I have no idea where she got it from… maybe her father (hey, DH wasn’t there to defend himself – LOVE YOU!) The thing is, she wouldn’t stop doing it. I have never seen her do that before and I know that neither DH and I have taught her that. So where did she learn it from!?