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Team Spirit

Today was team spirit day at my school. Of course, I had to wear an awesome shirt, so I asked DH if I could borrow one of his hockey jerseys. I didn’t think anything of it, but apparently, LO thought I was stealing. After getting myself dressed, I went to wake LO. She sat up in bed and looked at me quizzically. Then came the interrogation…

“Mommy, that not your shirt!”

“That Daddy shirt.”

“Daddy be mad.”

“You wear your shirt.”

She kept repeating over and over “That NOT your shirt!” I had to bring her to DH so he could tell her it was okay for me to wear the jersey. She kept pointing at me the whole morning. I think she still thinks I stole it.

A run in with a Sharpie marker…

I label LO’s stuff for daycare everyday. Tuesday morning, I did my usual labeling and since LO was half asleep, got her ready quickly and ran out the door…. leaving the dark blue permanent marker on my coffee table.

Fast forward to after school. LO and I walk in the door with groceries and mail in hand. I start putting away the groceries and get the bills done and suddenly realize that it’s quiet. TOO quiet. I turn around and LO has the permanent marker open and is furiously scribbling… on. our. coffee table. AHHHHH! Oh, and to top it off, it was also DH’s birthday.

Think, think, think. When a substitute teacher accidentally writes on a whiteboard in permanent marker, there’s only one way to get it off. Little known teacher fact – If you have to get permanent marker off of a slick, shiny surface like a whiteboard or coffee table, you can use a whiteboard marker over it and wipe off with a paper towel.

It took a while (and a lot of whiteboard marker) and I probably looked completely ridiculous coloring on my coffee table with whiteboard marker, but it ALL came off. Thank goodness! No more Sharpies for LO!

Oh yeah, and she also looks like a blue tiger with stripes all over her legs. Maybe after tonight’s bath, that will be gone too.

Toddler Parent Rules

Rule #1 – Do not start a game with a toddler that you don’t plan on repeating over and over again at least twenty five times. Also, do not start a game that you will be too tired from after the first fifteen times. Then you’ll be tired and have an angry toddler on your hands.

Rule #2 – Do not give toddlers any food you cannot wash out of the carpet and/or feed to the dog.

Rule #3 – Do not give toddlers anything in the car that can be used as a small projectile.

Rule #4 – “That” is always more interesting than “this”. Once they have “that”, “that” becomes “this” and is no longer what they want. Now they want some other “that”. Then a different “that”. Then maybe they will go back to wanting what they had before. Which you can no longer find because they used it as a small projectile. Repeat.

Rule #5 – Whatever bedtime routine you thought you had will change. Over and over again.

Rule #6 – Clean clothes will always wind up on the floor. Especially when your toddler is in “Fill and Spill” mode.

Rule #7 – Don’t try to tell your toddler to stay put anywhere. As long as they can move somewhere else, they will.

Rule #8 – Hairstyles will always look best right after you have finished. Three minutes after that (if you are lucky and they last that long), it is all fair game.

Rule #9 – Everything is more fun with a bubble machine.

Rule #10 – Big kids can entertain a toddler. Some adults can also double as big kids.

Do you have any rules you would add?

Baby!? (Not what you’re thinking)

LO and I like to take walks after I pick her up from daycare. She walks down the street and points in front of her at everything she finds. She has pointed to the fire hydrants, cars, dogs, plants, etc. and has recently discovered her shadow. She likes to walk and talk to the “baby” (i.e. her shadow). She gets annoyed if I walk too close and my shadow covers the baby. SO funny!

How do they learn this stuff!?

Last post was all about the things our children learn from us… They learn our mannerisms, and we think it is oh-so-cute when they copy us…

This past week was my MIL and FIL’s anniversary. I decided to make a little video for them and whatever LO said on the video was going to be texted directly to them (don’t you just love modern technology?)

I started the camera (read, iPhone) rolling and said “LO?” and she didn’t even look up from what she was doing… she just said something that sounded an awful lot like “what?”… “Can you say Happy Anniversary?” and she said “ha-ha-ha-ha-ha” and then tried sticking her food up her nose. So, as promised, I sent the video off to MIL and FIL and just for fun to DH too. Five seconds later I get a text back from DH: “She got that from you!” So apparently, our kids really do pick up on the things we do, especially those ones we didn’t really want them to learn. (Just to clarify, I do not stick food up my nose! I assume he was talking about the “what?” when someone says my name. That I definitely do.)

Tonight, however, LO and I went out for mommy and me dinner. DH was out with the boys. We were sitting at dinner, minding our own business. LO was quietly, although messily, eating her dinner and this older couple comes up next to us and sits at their table. LO turns around and sticks her tongue out at them! I don’t mean just a quiet little tongue sticking out of her mouth. I’m talking mouth-wide-open, food-hanging-out, sticking out her tongue. So of course, now I’m trying to explain to the people that I have no idea where she got it from… maybe her father (hey, DH wasn’t there to defend himself – LOVE YOU!) The thing is, she wouldn’t stop doing it. I have never seen her do that before and I know that neither DH and I have taught her that. So where did she learn it from!?

Busy, busy week!

First week of summer was a success! Tons of teachable moments… and I found out that LO does NOT like clowns. On Sunday, DH and I took LO to see the huge fish tank in one of the outdoor stores. She loved it! She spent most of her time trying to talk to the fish. On Monday, we spent a lot of time at home. We made “ice boats” using this link from Pinterest. They came out really cute, but they melted really quickly being in the water table outside. Next time, I’ll have to use them indoors (maybe in a long pan or something we can actually race them in).

On Tuesday, we went to the park and went running. Well, actually, I went running and LO “strolled” in the jogging stroller. I think that her way is the way to do it. Every time she saw the ducks, she started jumping up and down in the stroller and saying “duh, duh, duh, duh”. Then we went to a Mommy and Me type event and they had a clown. LO seemed fine while we were sitting there until the clown came in. She cried and wouldn’t eat or drink until we were out of sight of the clown. Hopefully next week’s group won’t include a clown. LO also had her first haircut. She cried through most of it, but was happy as a clam afterward.

On Wednesday, we took a walk through the gardens and museum nearby. They had a pond with fish and turtles and LO spent a long time talking to them in the pond. I think she really loves animals, especially birds and fish.

Today, we went running again and met up with some of my friends from the school I used to work at.  We used a muffin tin and some small spoons and LO scooped rice krispies and cheerios into each cup. She loved it!

Tomorrow, we will meet up with my brother and go to LO’s gym class. Then we will probably head to the park and feed the ducks. It’s been a fun filled week and there’s only going to be more to come.

We have been working on sharing this week and being “nice”. Our dog is very appreciative of this since she is very often on the receiving end of both the sharing and the “nice”.

I think LO is super close to walking. Keep checking back for that update too!

Check back soon for some pictures.

House repair ends in re-repair

DH and I have been doing some renovations on our house lately. We’ve redone the bathrooms and the bedrooms and recently the laundry area. All was said and done. After putting away all of the items from our former laundry area, I went into our room. LO was hanging out in her crib and DH was working in the attic. All of a sudden, I hear his voice from the ceiling. While I’m in the master bedroom. That can’t be right.
“Can you come into the guest bathroom?”
“Sure. Why?”
“Because I think I just stepped through the ceiling.”
Well, you can guess how fast I made it there.
DH had been cleaning the house and working in the attic all day. He was exhausted and his foot slipped off the beam. He is always super careful with this type of stuff. So this really annoyed him.
The damage wasn’t as bad as I thought. It’s about a foot long break in the ceiling, mens size 10 to be exact.

The important thing is DH is okay. The ceiling can always be fixed. And it’s important to be able to account for little slip ups. Even literal ones. Accidents do happen, especially when there are renovations going on.


Baby’s first other word…

LO says a few words now – hi, mama, dada, and good girl (for the dog). We went to visit her aunt’s new place today and she has a cat. Her cat’s name is Nyssa. Nyssa usually does not come out when there’s company but apparently she was very interested in LO’s presence in her place. It was a new experience for LO too. She has been to some other family members’ houses with cats, but they’re mostly outdoor cats. Nyssa is an indoor cat. LO watched her walk around for a while and then looked straight at Nyssa and said, very matter of factly, “DOG”.

So funny! I pointed at Nyssa and said “cat”. We will have to see when she figures that out.

Guess we have to work on animal names now. 🙂