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Abc, it’s easy as…

DH had a great find today. One of those foam ABC floor puzzles for $20! So he brings it home and I get all excited and open it up, only to find that all of the pieces are not in order. Seriously! So my teacher/mommy craziness gets the best of me and I decide I need to remedy this right now and the only way to do that is to take the entire thing apart and put it together… right there in the front hallway. LO was having a fantastic time eating each piece as I took it out so it took a little longer than expected.

I¬†stepped back to look at my fabulous masterpiece and newly found teaching tool… I had arranged all of the letters correctly in rows of 5… and then realized that I was going to have an odd letter out… Z simply would have to throw off the entire puzzle… ¬†Unless I made a really long floor mat with 2 letters side by side with 13 down.

Couldn’t the makers of this puzzle realize that if this is supposed to be an ABC puzzle then we should have some corner pieces that didn’t have letters to balance the obvious faux pas of having an outlier letter? Maybe a decorative piece of some kind?

So my mommy brain won out over the teacher brain today and yes, the Z is happily hanging out on the end of LO’s puzzle, sticking out like a poor sore thumb!