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Imaginative Play

Recently, LO has been very interested in my old purses (she is still in fact, a girlie girl). The other day she grabbed one of them, took my keys, and walked to the front door while saying goodbye to DH, to me, to the dog, to the couch. Anyone or anything she thought would listen I guess. I got soooo excited and said to DH, “She’s learning imaginative play. She’s figuring out how to play pretend. It’s a new milestone!” He looked at me a little confused. Guess it’s a teacher thing.
She does it all the time now but I love that we were there to witness the first time.

Girlie girl!

Somehow LO has become an absolute girlie girl. She loves purses, makeup, and jewelry. The other day she was playing with my mom’s makeup bag and when she found the lipstick, she opened her mouth as if to show her that she wanted it on her lips.
This week I found pasta that resembled pony beads. I cooked up some spaghetti and threaded some bracelets with her. I put the “beads” on for her and she wore the jewelry and ate it all. I think next time I will dye the beads for her too.


It’s so fun now that LO can walk. There is so much more she can do. (Read: So much more she can get herself into… Thank goodness for childproofing!)

Last night, she went into my room and took DH and my shoes off of the floor. She came into the living room with the different shoes in her hand and started giving us the shoes. The interesting thing was, she gave my shoes to me and DH’s shoes to him. She was so proud of herself and we were pretty impressed too. She kept doing it. Then, she brought out her shoes and made herself a little pile of her shoes (she only has her sneakers and a pair of party shoes).

Summer vacation is over!

How did these past nine weeks pass by so quickly? I start back at work tomorrow and LO starts back at daycare. I am very excited for her actually. She started walking a few weeks ago and daycare is going to be a completely new experience for her now. She’s not a baby anymore. She really is a toddler.

The other night when I was giving her a bath, I realized that some of the things she used to play with are now completely different and new to her because of her new found skills. She plays with this one toy in her bath, an octopus ring game from skip hop. She has always been intrigued by the fountain in the toy but only recently has she learned that mommy can make the fountain work. So the entire bath consisted of her pointing at the fountain and her water bucket to get me to pour the water in. Watching her learn things like cause and effect is so cool.

Can’t wait for her to keep learning.

An easy non craft for those of us who can’t

I found an idea on Pinterest to make a toy wallet for LO. Lately whenever we go out to stores, she wants to play with my wallet. Somehow I don’t think I need to give my one year old access to my credit cards just yet. I bought a cheap one for $9. It had to be a “real” wallet so she would play with it.
I filled it up with flash cards and inserts from magazines. I added a picture of DH and of me and put a few things in the zippered pouch.

LO loves it! She feels like such a big girl with her own wallet. And it doesn’t take too long to put it all back for the next time. 🙂


Red, Yellow, Green, Blue…

Impromptu game with Daddy today!

DH came home and LO was so excited to see him. We recently bought a set of foam tiles with textured tops to go outside on our back porch. That way LO could play outside and not have to crawl around on the concrete. We haven’t set it up yet so we had a pile of the tiles by the door. LO kept going over there and pushing the tiles into a messy “staircase” and then trying to crawl on top of all of them.

So DH started a game of “Lava” with her, modified of course. For those of you not familiar with the game, Lava is where you set a rule such as “you can only step on the tiles and stay off of the carpet.” The carpet is now the lava. So DH set up the tiles and had LO crawl on each tile as he pointed to it. He would jump onto one of the tiles and then call her to the one next to him, saying the name of the color. She kept crawling off of the tiles in the beginning so we started to clap when she got to the correct tile. After a few tries, she figured out that she liked the clapping and DH wanted her to come to the one he pointed to and stay there. A new game was born! It was the perfect game before bedtime… she was so tired afterward and went to bed.

It was a teachable moment – we used the resources we had and the items she was currently interested in. She learned a new game today and who knows – maybe she will learn her colors soon too!

Unfortunately, the dog stepped into the “lava” too many times. Apparently, she also needs to learn her colors. Oh well, she tried.

Busy, busy week!

First week of summer was a success! Tons of teachable moments… and I found out that LO does NOT like clowns. On Sunday, DH and I took LO to see the huge fish tank in one of the outdoor stores. She loved it! She spent most of her time trying to talk to the fish. On Monday, we spent a lot of time at home. We made “ice boats” using this link from Pinterest. They came out really cute, but they melted really quickly being in the water table outside. Next time, I’ll have to use them indoors (maybe in a long pan or something we can actually race them in).

On Tuesday, we went to the park and went running. Well, actually, I went running and LO “strolled” in the jogging stroller. I think that her way is the way to do it. Every time she saw the ducks, she started jumping up and down in the stroller and saying “duh, duh, duh, duh”. Then we went to a Mommy and Me type event and they had a clown. LO seemed fine while we were sitting there until the clown came in. She cried and wouldn’t eat or drink until we were out of sight of the clown. Hopefully next week’s group won’t include a clown. LO also had her first haircut. She cried through most of it, but was happy as a clam afterward.

On Wednesday, we took a walk through the gardens and museum nearby. They had a pond with fish and turtles and LO spent a long time talking to them in the pond. I think she really loves animals, especially birds and fish.

Today, we went running again and met up with some of my friends from the school I used to work at.  We used a muffin tin and some small spoons and LO scooped rice krispies and cheerios into each cup. She loved it!

Tomorrow, we will meet up with my brother and go to LO’s gym class. Then we will probably head to the park and feed the ducks. It’s been a fun filled week and there’s only going to be more to come.

We have been working on sharing this week and being “nice”. Our dog is very appreciative of this since she is very often on the receiving end of both the sharing and the “nice”.

I think LO is super close to walking. Keep checking back for that update too!

Check back soon for some pictures.