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When field trips go wrong…

How many of us remember field trips? When we were in school field trips were wonderful chances for us to get out of school and do something fun for a change.
Forget Reading and Math, Science or Social Studies… We could go to the zoo, the aquarium, sometimes even theme parks.
Those poor teachers.

Today was our big field trip. The kids talked about it for weeks. Every other sentence was related to the trip.
“What’s 3 x 3?” “9, do you think we’ll be able to go to the gift shop?”

I have decided that field trips aren’t as much fun as I remember. Though I’m sure the kids had a great time.

I think I’ll go there again with LO. One on one it’s probably great fun.

Sorry, the baby is crying.

Never mind… I’m not really sorry.

News Flash for people who are somehow not understanding – I have a baby. She cries sometimes. Not that often, but sometimes. This is natural and normal. Why do people think they can tell me that she is a fussy or a cranky baby because she cried for a bottle or because she’s tired? Again, normal.