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Imaginative Play

Recently, LO has been very interested in my old purses (she is still in fact, a girlie girl). The other day she grabbed one of them, took my keys, and walked to the front door while saying goodbye to DH, to me, to the dog, to the couch. Anyone or anything she thought would listen I guess. I got soooo excited and said to DH, “She’s learning imaginative play. She’s figuring out how to play pretend. It’s a new milestone!” He looked at me a little confused. Guess it’s a teacher thing.
She does it all the time now but I love that we were there to witness the first time.

Saving money early!

LO found where DH keeps his spare change today (read: where DH tosses the coins when he gets home). He kept walking around the house showing me the coins she found. We have a huge coin bank that we usually will put our coins in so I decided to turn this into a learning opportunity. It’s never too early to learn how to save money, right? I walked LO over to our coin bank and took it down from the shelf. I showed her how to put the coins in and she went back and forth from our room to the coin bank. She got so excited when she put the money in the right way and it went in!
I think when we are ready to potty train, a piggy bank might be a good incentive for her!
And at least now I have another partner in the quest for collecting coins around the house. She can pick up DH’s coins when he leaves them on his nightstand again!!!


It’s so fun now that LO can walk. There is so much more she can do. (Read: So much more she can get herself into… Thank goodness for childproofing!)

Last night, she went into my room and took DH and my shoes off of the floor. She came into the living room with the different shoes in her hand and started giving us the shoes. The interesting thing was, she gave my shoes to me and DH’s shoes to him. She was so proud of herself and we were pretty impressed too. She kept doing it. Then, she brought out her shoes and made herself a little pile of her shoes (she only has her sneakers and a pair of party shoes).

Baby!? (Not what you’re thinking)

LO and I like to take walks after I pick her up from daycare. She walks down the street and points in front of her at everything she finds. She has pointed to the fire hydrants, cars, dogs, plants, etc. and has recently discovered her shadow. She likes to walk and talk to the “baby” (i.e. her shadow). She gets annoyed if I walk too close and my shadow covers the baby. SO funny!

Swim classes, a mother’s own personal torture

We signed LO up for swim classes a few months ago.

I had envisioned the two of us in the pool, calmly blowing bubbles and singing cute nursery rhymes as we splashed and smiled in the water. What I didn’t envision was a screaming toddler, thrashing about and trying to claw her way out of the pool while I am practically screaming the words to “Twinkle, twinkle little star”. Unfortunately, the former only happens in dream sequences.

I find myself completely dreading swim classes. But, I do see them working. LO
Is getting better at knowing where the wall is and she knows to try to turn over if she’s in the water to lay on her back. And at least she still likes to go in the pool; she just doesn’t like the classes.

Apparently, we aren’t the only parents that this happens to. In fact, I always hear the story about my own days at baby swim lessons. It was a five day course: Monday, I cried; Tuesday, I cried; Wednesday, I cried; Thursday, my mom cried; Friday, I swam.

So I guess LO is more like me when it comes to swim classes.

A new title…

As a teacher, we wear many hats – educator, nurse, mediator, judge, counselor, and so on. We are considered a teacher the moment we step into the classroom the first day of our new job.

When do we become a parent? When is the moment when I could call myself a mother? I held LO in my arms that first time and I felt an overwhelming feeling of love and an urge to protect her. Mothers wear every hat imaginable. I’m someone’s mother! It doesn’t define me and I’m still my own person but somehow I feel like being a mother has always been my purpose.
Check back soon for an update on my own teachable moment. 🙂

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue…

Impromptu game with Daddy today!

DH came home and LO was so excited to see him. We recently bought a set of foam tiles with textured tops to go outside on our back porch. That way LO could play outside and not have to crawl around on the concrete. We haven’t set it up yet so we had a pile of the tiles by the door. LO kept going over there and pushing the tiles into a messy “staircase” and then trying to crawl on top of all of them.

So DH started a game of “Lava” with her, modified of course. For those of you not familiar with the game, Lava is where you set a rule such as “you can only step on the tiles and stay off of the carpet.” The carpet is now the lava. So DH set up the tiles and had LO crawl on each tile as he pointed to it. He would jump onto one of the tiles and then call her to the one next to him, saying the name of the color. She kept crawling off of the tiles in the beginning so we started to clap when she got to the correct tile. After a few tries, she figured out that she liked the clapping and DH wanted her to come to the one he pointed to and stay there. A new game was born! It was the perfect game before bedtime… she was so tired afterward and went to bed.

It was a teachable moment – we used the resources we had and the items she was currently interested in. She learned a new game today and who knows – maybe she will learn her colors soon too!

Unfortunately, the dog stepped into the “lava” too many times. Apparently, she also needs to learn her colors. Oh well, she tried.

Indoor fun!

We had a great day indoors yesterday. We made lemon jello and created a “marble run” on our refrigerator. We discovered that LO really like to watch the “marble” go down the chute, until it gets to be eye level and then it’s time to grab it! I used a round water bottle cap as our marble and toilet paper rolls as our marble run. I think next time we will have to stick it on with magnets instead of duct tape, because after a while, the pieces of our chute started falling apart.We had 7 or 8 toilet paper rolls and by the end, between the duct tape failing and LO getting excited, we only had 4. DH came home and asked why we had made our own version of Where’s My Water? (For those of you not familiar with that app, it is completely addicting!)



Summer Bucket List

There are so many blogs out there with summer bucket lists. That being said… why not read another one?

Here’s mine!

Get ready for some blog posts about the teachable moments from all of these activities!

What do you think? What are your summer bucket list items?

Hands on science

We found a lizard in the house today. LO was completely involved in her lunch and didn’t even notice him. She is completely fascinated by them usually, but she has never gotten up close and personal with one.

I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to give her a new experience. So I carefully picked him up and put him into a small tupperware. She and I went outside to let him go.

I sat her down on the floor in the patio and put the tupperware out in front of her.

And then put the lizard out in front of her.

She was super excited to get to touch the lizard. But alas, we couldn’t keep him and I quickly helped her she let him go. She watched him scurry away. I think we have a new interest now. It’ll be great to take her to different places this summer to give her experience with different animals.


This teachable moment literally jumped out of nowhere, but I think she really enjoyed it. And now we can begin learning about nature.