What you can do with a box

LO and I had a lot of fun today. I got home from work and she was super hungry. So into the high chair she went, and out of the high chair with her face dirty beyond recognition. Yogurt is apparently delicious when you pour it out onto the high chair tray and then dunk your face in it. So after her very necessary bath, she took her rubber duck with her into her bedroom to get ready for bed.

I have noticed that nowadays LO is very interested in the novelty of items. The things that used to be interesting no longer are, unless there is a new way to play with them. I watched her wriggle and squirm on the changing table, and decided to bring in some reinforcements to help me.

Fast forward a few minutes and add in some baby sized shoeboxes and we have a fully functional game to play. I took the two shoeboxes and in one of them went her rubber duck toy she brought from the bathtub. The other was empty. I said, “What can we do with a box?”

First, I let her open the lid and look inside the first box to find the duck. Next, I gave her the other box to see that nothing was in it. And of course, then we started mixing them up. She actually started to pick up the box and shake it a little to see if it was empty.

So… what did we do with a box?

We can open the box, we can close the box, we can find things in the box, take things out… the potential is really limitless…

What can you do with a box?

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