Building prior knowledge…

Building prior knowledge. Yet another teacher buzz word (buzz phrase?)
Prior knowledge is so important in children’s development and learning. Children should have plenty of opportunities to build prior knowledge so they can make connections (another buzz word) to their reading.

Babies are constantly building their prior knowledge. So much is new to them that they have to do it all of the time. Sometimes it’s just the chance to learn that sparks their interest.

For example, last week for her birthday someone gave LO a drum set. It’s quite cool. We tried to show her what to do with the drum sticks but she didn’t get it. Fast forward two days. I gave her the drum sticks while she was sitting in her high chair. There have been other times when she has banged toys on the high chair tray. So when I gave her the sticks in the high chair, she realized that this was similar to another time we had something like these on the high chair tray. So SHE USED HER PRIOR KNOWLEDGE! So now that she has had this prior knowledge, she understands how to use the drum sticks with the drum toy now.

Spend some time with your kids today. Try giving them the chance to build their own prior knowledge. Every time you play with your children, talk to them in the grocery store, discuss what you are doing and why, etc. you are helping them learn and develop their own prior knowledge.


2 responses to “Building prior knowledge…

  1. So important! Great post. I like to talk with my 13 month old when he’s eating and explain to him the textures, colors and flavors of his food.

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